Friday, November 6, 2015

Plan B

A funny thing happened on the way to IETC 2015.  Actually, it wasn't very funny at all.

Wednesday night I went to review my presentation for Thursday morning and realized I had left my power adapter for my primary presentation laptop at the office (which is 3 hours away from Springfield). Fortunately, I had a backup laptop with the proper power adapters ready to go as well as my trusty Chromebook.

Thursday morning I loaded up my presentation on both devices so I could monitor my back channel on my Chromebook.  Halfway though the presentation, the Internet died!  This is a common occurrence at conferences and I had already taken Google slides presentation offline and wasn't at a point where I even needed to switch to screenshots (yup, I had those too).  I continued to move along with the discussion until the laptop decided to BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)! Whoops! Wasn't expecting that.  Quick switch of the laptop from the VGA connection to the projector to the projector's HDMI cable connected to the Chromebook and we are back in business. Eventually, I got to a point in my presentation where I would need Internet and contemplated turning on a hotspot (had one of those too) but it came back just in time and I was able to finish what I hope was a successful presentation.

Day 2 - has to be better than Day 1, right?!  One would think.  But no, the gremlins returned in my presentation about presentations.  First, the projector provided would not mirror my laptop display.  Tech support got it to work; but, then Google Slides wouldn't go full screen properly because of the resolution adjustment to get it working.  Great, that's the way to demonstrate good presentations.   Alright, laptop, let's just avoid a blue screen and we'll be fine.  Right? Right! Wrong.  I'm not sure how it happened because I had run through the presentation many times but a link got misdirected and my browser got hijacked! Beep! Beep! Beep! Quick close that pop-up window! Pop up comes right back.  Disconnect speaker from laptop so it doesn't drive everyone crazy.  Still beeping - shut down laptop and switch to Chromebook which is set to extend instead of mirror.  Of course, I lost my timer on my laptop when all that happened; so, now I've lost track of when the session ends.  Thankfully, I think I had enough resources  to keep interest and the attendees were extremely patient with me as I scrambled to cover as much as I could.  I'm sure the reviews won't be stellar; but, I'm pretty sure everyone left with something new to explore.  You know the saying "never let them see you sweat", don't know how successful I was with that - but I was able to finish.
Moral of this story?! Have a Plan B and in some cases a Plan C or even a Plan D! Just please don't let the Gremlins follow me home!

 I plan on reviewing IETC 2015 once I have a day or two to digest the whirlwind!

For those in my presentation session, the correct link to the site that was Hi-jacked is  My link was somehow missing a character but has been corrected. 
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