Friday, November 21, 2014

Little Moments

This blog has started to shift towards not only finding tech tools but using them in meaningful ways. This year I have started to really focus on the power of video and how it can be used effectively in an educational setting.  Video can be a connector.  It can create a cognitive bridge to knowledge.  Recently, I created a Google Community "Creative YouTube Video Ideas for Your Classroom" specifically as a means for educators to share the amazing projects that come out of their classrooms.  I encourage you to join this community as well.  Whether you are a student or teacher who has created a work for use in an educational environment or you are using media in ways to link students to content - it is so important to share.  I just checked in on the community and was both thrilled and shocked to see there are already 93 members! Obviously, I am not alone in my belief in the power of video!

But that was not the only reason for this post.  I was struck this morning by the power of video to transcend language.  Shirley Rodrigues is a part of my Facebook PLN (yes, I have a separate Facebook account just for my Professional Learning Network - a post for another day).  According to her profile, Shirley is an educator in Rio.  She and I have never met, but through mutual friends became connected on Facebook.  Her posts are typically in what I believe is Portuguese.  I don't speak a word of Portuguese.  Yet, thanks to the somewhat rough translation tool on Facebook I learn new things from her quite often.  Sometimes I learn something strictly oriented to education, sometimes I learn about culture, and frequently I learn about the human condition.  You see many of Shirley's posts are videos.  A long while back I believe it was on her timeline I saw a video of a siege on the streets of Brazil that tugged at my heart.  I can't find it now, but those moving images are etched in my mind.  But life isn't always tragic.  Often videos she posts just make me smile.  Other times what she shares simply gives me hope as you will see below.

So thank you my friend (whom I have never met) for teaching me through your posts (in a language I may never understand) that we can connect and learn from each other without ever saying a word and proving the power of video!

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