Saturday, October 26, 2013

YouTube RSS Beta - Query Explained

Did you know adding a YouTube Channel to an RSS Feed Reader is as simple as adding the YouTube Channel address to your feed reader?  It will auto discover the feed and anytime your favorite channel receives a new upload it will be delivered right to your reader application!  Pretty cool in and of itself right?

But what about searches?  Well that's a little trickier but possible thanks to YouTube's API Beta Demo tool.  When opening that link you will be greeted by a page that looks like this:
Follow the YouTube API Demo link and it will take you to a very powerful search engine that will allow you to add keyword searches to your feed reader as well.  Let's walk through this step by step.
First locate the video feeds Query link and select it.
Then scroll down and in the categories and keywords section choose the Atom/RSS readers radio button and type in a keyword you would like to search for in this case "edtech" and use the AND button to add it to the search.
Next scroll down to the Request Parameters segment of the form.  There are many options but the two most important are checking the RSS 2.0 Output Format radio button and selecting Published as the option for Ordering (this will give you the most recent videos uploaded).
Scroll down to the Resulting URI section and click submit.  This is where the magic starts to happen.  It will create an XML document specific to your search.  But, you don't have to worry about that.
Instead copy out the first part of the link in the Resulting URI section (typically and append what appears following the GET command in the Request section.  So our link that we would paste into our feed reader would look something

Now any uploaded videos tagged with the keyword you choose will be sent directly to your RSS Feed Reader!  You no longer have to search that keyword at YouTube - instead it will come to you!  Gotta love RSS!

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