Thursday, September 26, 2013

Twitter RSS solution

When Twitter released their new API 1.1, they also removed the ability to subscribe to feeds via RSS. While the Twitter Widgets that you can embed into websites is still available, this is a massive #fail on their part. Twitter as you may know was one of my favorite tools for my PLN (and to an extent it still is) because of how open the platform was.  But they are starting to button things up and make those streams of data less malleable. 
I'm trying out something I stumbled across recently on the Twitter Developer's board and I will let you know how it goes.  What is that something you ask?  An RSS feed of a hashtag search.  This was posted by Tony Sandwich as a possible workaround.  I'm doubtful it will work we'll for popular tags due to the API calls being too slow to really scrape a feed - but it may be a solution to follow individual users within your favorite feed reader.  The following comes from this post:

by @tonysandwich Tony Sandwich
You can create an RSS feed of a Twitter account using a service like Feed 43 -
It's a bit crude but it seems to work, it will just scrape your Twitter page for updates.
It's fairly straight forward
Add the URL of your Twitter account, then the bits you need to know are:
  1. Into "Item (repeatable) Search Pattern*:" you just need to add:
  1. <p class="js-tweet-text tweet-text">
  2. {%}
  3. </p> 
  1. A blank space into "Item link template"
  2. Into "Item Content Template*:" add:
  1. {%1}
You can see a feed of the tweets on my homepage here:

I'll update this post when I know more 
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