Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Podcastomatic Becomes a GameChanger!

I don't throw the term "Game Changer" around loosely, but something I stumbled across this morning just blew my mind!

Podcastomatic was a very nice way to host a podcast.  I attempted to use it some years back and found it had a nice interface.  For some reason, call it kismet, I was drawn to the site this morning only to discover it has completely changed it's function.  Podcastomatic now allows you to type in ANY blog address.  Now, when you don't have time to read your favorite blogs, you can take them on the run - literally! Just download the mp3 to your favorite listening device and you have access to the information you can't live without on the go and even away from the Internet.  Whether going for a run, drive, flight - whatever it may be, you can catch up on essential knowledge.

Of course the text to speech feature opens the doors to unlimited potential in education as well.  If you have students who are auditory by nature or have other unique learning challenges.  It looks like it has the potential to work with any RSS feed, but I have yet to have a chance to explore it enough to say with certainty.

Another bonus, as if you needed another reason to stop reading this post and head directly to Podcastomatic  is that you can subscribe to the created podcast via RSS or in iTunes - so you never miss another post from your favorite blog author!

You can grab the RSS podcast feed  here:

Or Click here to subscribe to this blog / podcast in iTunes
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