Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Video Killed the Radio Star

OK, so that's not exactly true. But as I type, the edtech world is once again being rocked by another popular Web 2.0 tool joining the dead pool. This time it appears Google Reader will go away July 1st, 2013. You can read all about it at My Facebook feed is blowing up right now with people disappointed with the loss of a favorite tool. But fear not my friends, while Google Reader may be joining the dead pool, RSS is not. Indeed Google Reader was an essential piece that many individuals rely on to aggregate information. Personally, it was not visual enough for me. And I think that may be part of the reason it is now past it's prime, as it were. Tools like,, and others have taken the rss world by storm. They are flashier and in my opinion easier to navigate. Now. I am not suggesting that those tools will be as robust or feature rich as the most rabid of you information hounds would like.,, and others may be up your alley. The important thing is you already know about RSS and the power of aggregation. You have the skillset and probably a large collection of your favorite RSS feeds to export and get you started - hopefully is among them (if not you can grab the RSS feed from the top left of this page). Who knows Google may have something in the wings that is better than reader...We all remember what happened with Google Wave right? Many of us rode it all the way into Google + (which I am still trying to figure out how it fits into my PLN these many months later.)
We survived the Ning debacle and this too shall pass, however painfully. The important thing is to start looking for your exit strategy now. Start exploring the best alternative and keep the information flowing!
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