Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A New Road to Travel

Zenodotus is about to take on a new direction once again.  Just over a year ago I finished a 365 project in which I reviewed a different web 2.0 application every day.  Then I collapsed.  I took a year sabbatical from blogging only occasionally sharing an insight or two.  Thought I would try a 52 week vodcast - #FAIL This year I thought I'd take on a 365 lightt.com project - guess what I discovered?  My life isn't that visually interesting - again #FAIL
And during that year there has been a major shift from Web 2.0 to Apps and Chrome extensions - you see what is coming don't you?  I'm already a month behind so this will not be a 365 project; but, in 2013 I am going to try and tackle as many apps as I can for iOS, Android and Chrome devices (my district will likely be taking on a 1:1 Chromebook initiative over the course of the next year - more on that later).
My emphasis will likely be on media creation with an emphasis on differentiated learning.  There will likely be a number of posts over the next year that deal with comparing apps on different platforms (especially if I discover a non-cross platform app).  So whatever flavor of mobile Internet device you posses there will be something here for you.  I will also try to include a link to where the app can be downloaded for iOS, Android, Chrome, Windows 8 or used as a web 2.0 utility in a table at the bottom of each post.  Do not count on this being a daily post - life has a way of getting overwhelming sometimes.  The first step on this new journey will start later this evening or tomorrow.  Stay tuned and be sure to add the RSS for Zenodotus to your favorite reader.  Oh and if there is something you think I'm missing and would like to share - be sure to let me know!

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