Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Week Sabatical #edtech

Wow, has it really been a little over a wek since my last blog post?  I knew I wouldn't stay away long.  I still need to write a reflection post about the experience.  Although it may end up being a vlog instead at my new 52 week project which can be found at
But I do have a few new Web 2.0 tools to share.  Somehow I missed blogging about Pinterest which is an application which allows you to pin images to a "pinboard" in collections and allow others to like, comment and repin what you have shared.  I'm still waiting on my invitation to come through, so I can't really give it a yeah or nay just yet.

One site I can definitely recommend is Photo Pin.  It is another Flickr search tool which allows you to find pictures of both Commercial and Non-Commercial licensing.  Below is a picture of the Chicago Bean.  They give you a number of images sizes to choose to download and include the photo credit necessary to provide Creative Commons attribution. All without having to go to Flickr at all.  One word of caution make sure not to take images from the top row if they are labeled "Pay for Photos (no link required)"

                                           photo credit: Wright Way Photography via photopin cc
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