Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Top Shelf Application #edtech

Have you ever been doing research work on a presentation or document and had ideas that you didn't instantly write down?  Of course you have.  Shelfster may be the solution to that problem.  At it's core, Shelfster is an online document creation utility.  You can create multiple documents within a "project" (although I think they should have called it a shelf, just saying).  But what sets Shelfster apart from other online document creation tolls are the add-on's.  The browser add-on allows you to snip parts of webpages, make notes or "quick ideas", bookmark sites and neatly categorize them all to your "project".  If you don't like using browser extensions there are desktop apps that provide the same features. There are also iOS apps which apparently will let  you record voice notes as well.  Overall, it's a very interesting concept for keeping your research organized.
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