Friday, December 16, 2011

Ready to Learn Through Play? #edtech

Continuing the theme of content creation you may want to take a look at Educaplay. This amazing website allows teachers to create flash activities without having to know any flash and do so in multiple languages (Spanish, French, Potuguese, Dutch and Gailic to name a few).  In fact, Educaplay's original .com is in Spanish.  Once registered for a free account you can create from the following categories.

While I have yet to figure out how, you can create your own grouping of activities. You can attach audio and images to your activities as well.  You get to decide if you add a time component to your activities on Educaplay.  Those who complete said activities can post there results and compete against each other.  I have yet to figure out all the features but it does appear there are some management features as well. Too much to cover in a post you really need to explore Educaplay on your own.
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