Saturday, December 31, 2011

One Wonderful Page to Rule Them All #edtech

It's been an amazing year and I will be writing a reflection post about this 365 project in a few days, once I have had a chance to recover.  And the 365th utility of the year will help you organize the other 364.  Wonderpage allows you to create categories or "folders" for all the sites you come across and then create a visual snapshot of those sites.Wonderpage is easy way to keep all your web explorations neatly categorized.  Call it a start page, call it a social bookmarking tool, call Wonderpage simply wonderful!  You can make your folders public and share them with others or hoard the sites you find for yourself by keeping them private.  Connect with others and follow their folders as well.  Change the view from thumbnails to lists if you choose.

I wish you nothing but the best in 2012.  While there will not be a new site a day listed at Zenodotus, I will continue to share resources I find throughout the year.  It's been a wild and sometimes wacky adventure!
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