Thursday, December 29, 2011

A New Kind of Blog in Town #edtech

There is yet another new blogging platform out there in cyberspace called Novalet.  I've been holding off on posting about it since I had some trouble signing up (if you choose to do so make sure you put your email address in all lowercase letters). After contacting the developer for help, I explained I wanted to post about  Novalet  here on Zenodotus.  They asked that I hold off until they rolled out a set of widgets, which they obviously have since you are reading this.  The concept is fairly simple, sign up and start blogging. Make sure you tag your posts so others can find them easily via the post search engine.  This is where Novalet starts to get interesting and a bit unique.  When you find a blog post you like you can add the standard comment.  But, you can also "like" the post which let's others know what you are reading.  You can also follow the author.  These features seem to be a lot like Facebook which is the social aspect of Novalet.  Then of course there are the widgets.  At the moment you have Embed, Feed, Twitter and HTML.  I haven't had enough time to experiment with Embed and HTML, but, it looks like the Feed widget will pull the last four messages from the RSS of your choosing and Twitter widget does the same for your Twitter account.  Novalet is definitely interesting and will be one to watch in 2012.
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