Thursday, December 1, 2011

Never One to Be Transparent #edtech

I have been battling migraines this week and have been plugging along trying to make sure I get out my nightly post.  Unfortunately, tonight I can barely see, but the show must go on as they say.  But please excuse the brevity and any grammatical issues with this post.  Earlier today I was working on a presentation at work to which I wanted to add an image.  The problem was that I wanted it to "hover" an image with a white background  over another image.  The solution is simple, create a transparent image.  The trick is finding the best way to create the transparency.  Photoshop does a good job but can be difficukt to get a sharp image from after stripping the background color.  So, I hoped online and found Iaza.  This simple to uses image editing and enhancing tool allows you to convert, edit, mix and create images online. Between these four categories there are probably 100 easy to apply image effects.  Simply upload an image to Iaza from your desktop, camera or even via URL and start applying the effect you want (in my case removing the white background from an image).  I will be using Iaza again in the future.
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