Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Final Four #edtech

I realized today, I am down to 4 days left in this 365 project and while it has been a valuable learning experience it has been exhausting! Especially, when I have so much on my plate the next few weeks with preparation for a number of different conferences.  So, the last few posts may be short but hopefully sweet.
One of the many items I have on my plate is putting together a video with my team explaining a professional development "experiment" we have been conducting at two of the satellite schools with which I work.  Part of creating a good piece of media is storyboarding.  We chose to use Spaaze to create ours.  Spaaze is a lot like Wallwisher in that it is an online corkboard of sorts that allows you to create notes or stickies (which was how we laid out our ideas).  But, you can also post videos, images, links, bookmarks, files, labels and even "snippets" of html.  Spaaze is also collaborative and you can invite a number of people to work on the corkboard at the same time. What really makes Spaaze unique though is the ability to create "hotspots" making navigation around your board extremely easy.  It's can almost become a Prezi presentation.  You can Publish, export and even share an RSS feed!  There is more here than I could possibly explain in a short post. Go explore Spaaze tonight!
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