Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Double Shot #edtech

You may think that I missed last night's post.  Well, I did, with good reason.  Because I was going to share a dual utility with you tonight. And color me surprised, it's now a triple utility! So, you're getting a bonus. FileLab is quickly building a suite of online multimedia tools.  The first is the Video Editor.  With JayCut being bought out by RIM, they have announced their free service will be coming to an end in January 2012.  So, I needed an alternative.  I like the idea of being able to quickly edit video files in the cloud.  You never now if you'll have a software package available.  Video Editor fits the bill nicely allowing for many effects and transitions, add soundtracks and even overlays.  You can also export in multiple filetypes directly to your computer.Worked like a charm when I had to help a teacher edit video earlier today.  There are some downsides. First, you must use a Gmail, Facebook or Yahoo account to login. Additionally, as @cchausis pointed out earlier today - it apparently is Windows only and will not work on the Apple platform.  I'm still confused by how a Web 2.0 tool can be platform specific?  Especially since it seems to be based on HTML5?! Wasn't that supposed to be the new common ground?

The second utility is the Audio Editor. As the name implies it allows you to open MP3, WAV, WMA, M4A, FLAC, M4r, AIFF, M4B, OCG, AAC, AMR and other files online and then edit the file, apply effects and download and convert the audio into the format of your choosing.

Finally, just today FileLab added a "Windows Cleaner" designed to clean and fix your registry.  I'm a little leery of trying this one out.   Not sure I want a Web 2.0 utility poking around in my registry.

So there you have it a triple post for this Wednesday!
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