Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Commendable Site #edtech

I've been following @wmchamberlain and the #commentsforkids campaign he has been supporting throughout the year.  I think he and anyone else involved in the campaign may enjoy today's post.  My understanding of  #commentsforkids is that it encourages student blogging and the global feedback,encouragement and assessment they can get by doing so.
Not all students blog, however, I have never met a child who does not enjoy receiving praise for something they have been working hard at or in which they excel.  When I stumbled upon CommendableKids, I think it may just fill that void.  While CommendableKids is not designed as an educational tool (it's more for individuals wishing to give their children praise), it could certainly be used in a school setting and CommendableKids should consider adding an educational strand. The concept is simple, an adult signs up for a free account and then adds their children (or students) under their own account.  Then as the child achieves different accomplishments the adult can award badges (sounds a little like FourSquare and other social networking tools doesn't it).  Each child gets their own site to collect their badges and people can give "high fives" and leave comments, if the adult has allowed these options.  I usually don't mention the paid services of free utilities, but the paid version (which I believe is $10 a year) allows you to print out badges as well!  We all do this because we believe children are special, CommendableKids let's us express it.
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