Saturday, December 10, 2011

Are you Loopy? #edtech

As I said somewhere in this 365 project, not every post would be an application but occasionally I would share a resource repository or two.  Such is the case tonight  If you work with digital media you will eventually find yourself in need of a video loop video loop.  Perhaps, you are working with chromakey and need a dynamic background?  Well, I recently discovered a number of free resources to access some pretty high quality loops. 

First up, Dreamscene.  While designed as live backgrounds for Windows 7 users, these wmv files can also be used in DVD menus and in non for profit videos.  There are a number of nice professional loops at the Dreamscene website and even more if you do a search for Dreamscene on Youtube.

Next up is Movietools.  They have a number of free loops and background effects as well.  Movietools .info site has a subsection just for free loops.  They of course have a much larger selection if you choose to purchase their products.  I mention Movietools because they also have a number of  "Lower Thirds."  These are bars you can put text into for your productions.

StockFootageForFree is also a subsection of a larger pay site.  But, they do have some very nice clips available for download. also has a fairly large public domain section full of loops that club djs might use.  These also work amazingly well as video loops for projects.

No matter what site you choose to use for your vido loop needs always remember to give credit where credit is due.

Tomorrow I will talk about free audion and then return to the standard Web 2.0 posts.  I realize I am a day behind...again.  But, wanted to at least get one post in before I turned into a pumpkin at midnight!  Mission accomplished. :-)
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