Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Are You a Bookworm? #edtech

One of the hottest gifts on the market for the holiday season are e-readers.  You know the Nook, Kobo and of course the various flavors of Kindle.  And in fact there has been a strong push to start integrating this technology into the classroom. And while cost has come down significantly on these devices it's still not necessarily cost effective.  And not all formats are easily readible on all devices.  Take EPubs for example, I haven't seen an easy way to open them on the Kindle.  Sure, I could convert the file but who needs the hassle? Enter Bookworm.  This great tool from O'Reily.com enables you to read any ePub file on any computer or cell phone with a web browser in an e-reader style.  Bookworm let's you upload your epub from your desktop and allows you to read them directly in your browser and pick up where you left off on your cell browser.  With hundreds of thousands of free epubs out there, Bookworm may just be the tool that brings you into the world of digital books!
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