Thursday, November 24, 2011

Why YouTube? #edtech

I have avoided blogging about major websites like WikiPedia or YouTube simply because I have been trying to share things with you during this 365 project that you may not otherwise have known about. Well, I discovered something pretty amazing about YouTube last week and thought it important enough to share.  So while YouTube is the Thanksgiving utility, it's really a subfeature I wanted to share with you.  A Thanksgiving Easter Egg if you will.  There are a number of Web 2.0 utilities that have partnered with YouTube to allow you to create content.  By visiting you will find options to create and edit media through OneTrueMedia, Vlix, XTranormal, GoAnimate, Magisto, Stupeflix, YouTube Video Editor and WeVideo (all of which have their own merit as content creation tools - so there are actually eight utilities in this post!)  If you have some time while digesting your turkey and are not in a tryptophan induced comma - take some time to explore some of these tools and how they integrate with YouTube.
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