Sunday, November 6, 2011

Quick Before I Forget...Again #edtech

I'm a busy guy.  Between family responsibilities, work, conferences and other volunteer work I do it's sometimes hard for me to remember everything I have on my plate.  As I get older, my memory seems to be slipping even more.  But, I know there are people who rely on me and the last thing I want to do is miss an appointment.  Sure I could use Google Calendar or Remember the Milk to help me with that.  But I'm always on the look out for backup tools.
Memorari may just fill the bill.  With options to send me updates about important events via text message, Email, ICQ, MSN Chat, Yahoo Messanger and AIM (Does anyone use those anymore?), as well as GTalk and Jabber, I can literally inundate myself with reminders an just so that all my "alarms" are going off at once.  Now, if I can just remember to write the reminder at Memorari. :)
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