Thursday, November 17, 2011

PicLit from my new Lit Device #edtech

Or so I thought. I was planning on making this post from my brand new Kindle Fire. For some reason, I am unable to pull up the keyboard within the wysiwyg editor.  It works everywhere else. Odd.
Anyway, one of the tools I learned about at IETC was called Piclits.  It's nothing fancy, but the concept is powerful.  Encouraging you to put art and literature together in a meaningful way through "Inspired Picture Writing".  It's an interesting idea.  Select a picture from their site and let it inspire your writing.  Great idea for visual learners.  Once your Piclits image is done, you can email it or embed it in your blog.  Piclits lacks one feature that I would like to see (and maybe I'm missing it since I am sick) but I can't find a way to upload your own image?
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