Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New to This Joint #edtech

I'm busily looking for an alternative to TodaysMeet for the SET Connections workshop tomorrow night to use as a backchannel.  We typically use TodaysMeet because it ties in with Twitter and anytime someone uses an associated hashtag it gets added to the backchannel.  Apparently the new changes to the Twitter API have caused this feature to be disabled.
While Joint is not a perfect alternative, it is interesting.  You provide Joint with a hashtag to follow and it filters the Twitter timeline to that hashtag.  Then you can start a side chatroom to discuss what is happening within that hastag conversation privately.  Not quite sure how it could be used for our purposes but it is interesting.  Lot of work to do tonight - but wanted to get a quick post in.  Still hoping to at least make the voting stage of the #eddies11 next week.
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