Saturday, November 5, 2011

Meet Any Time for Free #edtech

This is a post that I need to expand on and cover a number of free web conferencing tools.  We've all heard of GoToMeeting, WebEx and perhaps Adobe Connect.  Powerful web conferencing tools indeed.  But power often comes with a hefty price.  I recently did a webinar using Adobe Connect and I loved it's feature set.  What I don't love is it's almost $5000 price tag!
I am hoping to do more webinars and needed a platform to perform these on.  So, I am on the hunt for free alternatives.  The one I am currently most impressed with is AnyMeeting.  AnyMeeting allows you to upload and share documents, has a whiteboard and also allows you to share your screen and yourself via a webcam.  All important aspects of a web conference tool for me.  There is a chat interface and a way for people to raise their hands to alerting you to their questions.  You can also transfer control if you are co-presenting.  You can record your presentations as well.  Now the free version is sponsored by advertising, but if you sell tickets to your attendees and split the revenue with AnyMeeting the advertising supposedly goes away..
AnyMeeting doesn't have all the bells and whistles of Adobe Connect for example but it does the trick quite nicely
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