Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Interested by the Concept of a Micro Diary #edtech

Somewhere the micro-blogging world of Twitter and time consuming authorship responsibilities of a blog lies Histofme.  Histofme purports itself as a "micro-diary" and the concept intrigues me. Posts written at the site need to be 400 characters or less allowing for a quick paragraph instead of a microburst status update.  I can see Histofme being a powerful introduction to the concept of writing online for students.  While there is a social aspect of Histofme it was only launched a few days ago and their is not yet a large network.  So it is hard to judge which audience Histofme will appeal too.
I like the simple clean approach to posting - no WYSIWIG editors or extravagant bells and whistles to get lost in, just a micro-diary of events that are important to you.  You can categorize your posts by tagging it as well as add a date and picture to accent and commemorate your writing.  The fact that you can keep your posts private and choose who you let read your posts is another important aspect that could help to teach digital citizenship to younger students.
I wish they had a cross platform client for mobile devices.  I think it would be easier to remember to post to Histofme.  What are your impressions?
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