Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Go Paperless #edtech

I'm excited to share tonight's post with you.  Especially if you are someone who is determined to take your classroom or office paperless.  PaperAct is a new electronic filing system that helps you sort your scans, files and emails all in one place and have access to them on almost any device.  Take a picture of a document with your phone, upload and convert it to a digital document.  Use a scanner to upload paper documents.  Store important emails.  PaperAct can help you store, archive and share important documents while organizing them in a searchable format.  I have not had much chance to explore the potential of this web 2.0 tool, but I encourage you to sign up for an account while they are still in beta testing because once they go live they will switch to a paid subscription model. However, beta testers of PaperAct will be "Grandfathered" so that they will continue to have access to the services for free.  That alone is worth signing up and exploring what PaperAct has to offer!
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