Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Doodle Your Next Meeting #edtech

I have Judy Okazaki to thank for tonight's utility.  Earlier this week, I received a scheduling Doodle for an upcoming SET Connections board meeting.  Basically, it was a grid of board members and possible meeting times with check boxes to tick when you were available.  I immediately signed up for an account to see the capabilities of Doodle and I must say I am impressed.  Besides hosting meeting "polls", you can integrate Doodle  directly into various calendars including Google, Outlook, Lotus and others.  Additionally you can publish a MeetMe page that allows anyone to schedule 1:1 meetings with you from the web without needing to know your email or contact information.  Doodle is a pretty darn powerful tool for organizing meetings and keeping your busy life organized.
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