Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday Hole #edtech

With the craziness of Black Friday, I forgot to post last night.  Between shopping and a project I am working on for the ICE Conference in February I was a bit busy. While I can't reveal the nature of the project just yet, one component required that I HEX color match part of the ICE logo.  In order to do that I needed what graphic artists call an eyedropper.  I could have simply pulled the image into a graphic editing program and used the tool within that software.  But what fun would that be?  I'm all about Web 2.0 right?  So, I searched for quite some time and couldn't find anything.  Instead I found something even better in one of Steven DeGraeve's projects called the Color Palette Generator.  This tool allows you to upload an image and as the name suggests will build a HEX color palette based on that image.  Great if you are designing a site or logos based on an image. Thanks Steven for taking the time to develop such an awesome tool!
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