Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yes, I Missed Fun Friday #edtech

Too be honest I collapsed when I got home last night following the insanely busy week I had.  I was going to share one of the Halloween sites @ShellTerrell has been sharing on Twitter called Halloween Horror - Pirate of the Undead Sea.  But then I got to the site and realized it was hosted on the amazing site Digital Play.  All I can say is wow!  Some of the content here is most definitely "edutainment" but most of it is stellar! What is impressive is that they review Educational Games on the blog and take it mega steps farther than I do here at  By giving you suggestions on how to actually integrate these games into your classroom. I wouldn't quite call it a lesson plan but Digital Play categorizes each game nicely by skill level, language location.  Then give you a brief description followed by instructions for preperation, pre-play, play and post play exercises to use the game in question with your students. Digital Play is should be added to your favorite blog reader ASAP so you never miss a beat!
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