Friday, October 7, 2011

Walking the Plank #edtech

In honor of Columbus Day I went searching for an online tool to teach about the history of Christopher Columbus.  I came across an online game called Walk the Plank and a version specific to Christopher Columbus.  Basically it's a 10 question (from a bank of 20) trivia game in which each correct answer makes your professor get a little closer to having to dive into the ocean.  Normally I wouldn't be to comfortable with the concept;  but, I even found it challenging and it took me 5 tries before I got the professor to Walk the Plank.  It;s a nice review after a unit on Columbus' expeditions.  I'm sure there are other games out there that focus on Columbus and I'd love to hear about them if you choose to leave a comment.  Walk the Plank offers the ability to purchase the programming necessary to generate your own quizes.  Again, I usually would not publish a site with an associated fee.  However, there are a ton of other versions of Walk the Plank freely available from other educators who have already purchased the product and generated their own versions on a variety of topics.
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