Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Trunk Full of Links #edtech

With the unveiling of the new Delicious this week (too mostly negative reviews), I though it important to talk about alternatives.  I just discovered what may end up being the only repository for my saved links in the near future: not only allows you to bookmark in the traditional sense but has picked up on a recent trend of link aggregation from social networks.  Much in the same vein as or Summify which were both covered in previous posts, will grab any link that you post on your social networks or from your favorite blogs.  At the moment allows you to aggregate from the big four (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Tumblr) as well as from Delicious itself, Quora, WordPress blogs, Posterous, Blogger Blogs, Google Reader, Hacker News and any RSS feed you through at it. also allows you to follow your friends links as well.  I'm not sure if these are people who also signed up for or if they are finding it based on your friend lists at the social network sites.  But whatever the case, is a great way to keep up on the latest links everyone is sharing!  The best part is that automatically tags everything, making it real easy to organize your links.  That's more than I had planned to write for this post.  Go explore yourself.  Seriously.  Why are you still reading this post.  Go check out!!
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