Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Suite Cheat #edtech

OK, I'm going to cheat a bit over the next few days and introduce you to the individual components of a suite of tools you can find at Creza.  I believe Creza Education is a Norwegian company.  And as I mentioned the offer an innovative toolbox of media tools.  They have a paid model as well as a free version that allows you to use the basics of each tool.
Let's start by talking about their audio editor.  While not as powerful as Audacity, it is a multitrack mixing tool that allows you to create your own audio track for videos or podcasts fully online.  No software downloads required!  The offer a number of tracks for you to get started and while I can't seem to get it to work at the moment, give you the ability to upload or record your own sound files.  The Creza Audio Editor a great way to customize audio to meet your needs while making it unique enough to circumvent concerns about copyright.  When you are happy with your masterpiece you can either share it online.  They seem to be in Beta testing and some of the features seem to come and go.  But hopefully the free version continues to evolve because the Creza Audio Editor seems to have some real potential.
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