Saturday, October 15, 2011

Simple Spanish #edtech

The website Vedoque offers a number of free fun educational games.  But perhaps the one that impressed me the most was the Vocabulary game geared towards Kindergarten or primary school aged children. Why?  because they offer two versions.  One in English and one in Spanish.  Their are four vocabulary categories that focus on fruits, colors shapes and body parts.  If you have an English speaking student you may want to let them get familiar with the Vocabulary game before switching them to the Spanish version Vocabulario.  If you have an ESL learner, you may want to reverse the order.  While it is designed for younger students, I must admit I struggled with some of the basic Spanish vocabulary.  When your done, be sure to look at Vedoque's other offerings including typing games, number games and other offerings.  Fantastic for young children who are learning how to use a computer.  No matter how much we think they know, even digital natives have to start somewhere.
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