Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sew What #edtech

OK, I have a secret.  One of my favorite "reality" shows on television is Project Runway. I just love the drama!  But more importantly, I am a sucker for creativity.  And the contestants on that show have plenty of it!  It also makes for great background noise as I work on presentations for the upcoming conference season.
So, I started thinking, why haven't I covered any Family and Consumer Sciences Web 2.0 tools.  The answer?  I had a hard time finding any.

Sure there are a number of sites offering free patterns, recipes and guides.  But no real tools.  I'm going to try and squeeze what I do find into the waning posts of this project.  And I'm going to start with Renttherunway.  OK, so it's not your typically Web 2.0 tool - But it is an interesting concept.  Renttherunway allows you to "rent" clothing from your favorite designers that you otherwise wouldn't be able to afford off the rack.  Want to wear that Vera Wang at your next formal event but don;t want to spend $1500 on clothes that will sit in your closet?  Maybe you rent it from Renttherunway for $125?  Not sure it's going to fit?  They also ship a second size free of charge.  When your event is over and your impression made you simply ship back the clothes/accessories.

So where is the educational component?  Maybe you teach fashion in your Family and Consumer Sciences department.  Sure you can flip through the pages of Vogue, Marie Claire and Seventeen looking at outfits.  But you can't see the detail that goes into the final product.  Maybe you rent a dress from Renttherunway to show your students (just don't tear it apart to make patterns).  Am I stretching it a bit? Maybe. But maybe I also just saved you a few bucks and some closet space  for you or your daughters next formal event!.
I promise more Family and Consumer Sciences Web 2.0 tools are to come

Unfortunately, Renttherunway have yet to add men's fashions to the collection.  I know I can't afford Versace!
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