Monday, October 24, 2011

A Quinfin of a Tale #edtech

I recently subscribed to where, for a monthly subscription fee, you can download a wealth of audio books. My problem?  Getting the most bang for my buck!  While you get a short preview of the contents, it's hard to tell if that download is worth the price of admission.  Enter Quinfin, an interesting book suggestion application (not necessarily for audio books).  Presumably, you put in five books you have recently enjoyed and Quinfin appears to build a tag cloud of that list (perhaps via Amazon) and performs a book search for matching tags.  The result should be books you should enjoy reading.  Quinfin is a fairly young application and so mixing golf books with education books tends to return a rather eclectic mix.  But attempting to search for children's books or history books, was a totally different story.  The results were very nice.  If you get no results at all you can make some changes such as "loving" an author, you'll likely get similar authors.  Overall, it's a nice growing application and while I wouldn't normally recommend an application that is not consistent, I think Quinfin has some real promise.  If nothing else it's a great way to build booklists and see what others are reading.  While there does not appear to be a way to "friend" other users, I hope this aspect is coming soon.
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