Sunday, October 23, 2011

QR Code Game #edtech

At #EdCampChicago, I put together a QR Code challenge and my good friend @Jena_Sherry who came to the camp (and I believe participated in the challenge) shared a great QR Code tool with me tonight.  What I had done was search the internet for questions about QR Codes.  I then generated QR codes linking to a website that had the answer,printed them on posterboard and hung them around the event.  Participants then answered the question on a Google Form and a prize winner was selected from those who got the answers correct. Sound like something you could do with your students?
If your answer was yes, then visit the new QR Treasure Hunt Generator from  I believe we have covered some of their products here before.  The QR Treasure Hunt Generator makes it super simple to create your own QR Code Challenge.  Simply fill out a form and this tool does the rest of the work for you.  They generate the codes which will ask your students questions they need to answer when they scan them with a QR Code reader. Turn the students loose and have them search for the codes you've printed and hung around your school or classroom.
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