Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mind Over Map #edtech

In the interest of full disclosure, before I continue my review of the Creaza suite of products, I think it important to tell you I was contacted by Creaza Education and offered an upgrade to explore the full site.  While I will be happy to accept the offer and provide a more in-depth review.  I think it is important to first analyze what the "free" version has to offer.  After all, the premise of this 365 project has been to review quality tools to which educators have free access.
That being said I am happy to report that the third tool in the suite is the mind mapping tool Mindomo.  I remember using Mindomo when it was a solo product and was very impressed with it.  Now it has been rolled into the Creaza Education suite.  It appears to be more feature rich than many of the mind mapping tools already reviewed on Zenodotus.net.  There seems to be more customization available.  For example, most mind map tools have a way to connect nodes of the map and form relationships between them.   Mindomo provides the option to color the lines and vary the type of connection between nodes.  There are also more shapes and icons available than most tools.  They allow you to add notes, hyperlinks and even multimedia to each node.  The overall flow of Mindomo is very intuitive as well.  If you can use a word processor program, Mindomo should be a breeze.  The feature I like most about Mindomo is their "Task Info" tray.  This is great for creating projects and workflow.  You can prioritize the different nodes of a project and even add an interactive icon that shows the level of completion for each task.  I wish Web 2.0 time management tools had that feature.  The one drawback of the free feature is there is no way I can see to export or print your map.
Tomorrow night we will do a quick review of the final product in the suite which I think will be the highlight of the four products.
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