Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Making YouTube Matter #edtech

How much time do you have in the day? I know mine consists of 24 and I need to reboot somehow.  And I don't have time to watch all the great content that is on YouTube.  Yes, I said that can you believe it?  A few years ago you would have heard me saying that YouTube was nothing but silly cat videos or teenagers acting silly. But the truth is there is a lot of great content on YouTube.  That I don't have time to watch.  But I do have time to listen.  In my car, on the golf course, going for a walk, at a really boring gathering (OK maybe that's pushing it).  TED Talks of many shapes and sizes, 140 conf, keynotes from various events, my favorite vloggers  - I can't take them all with me wherever I go as MP3s.  That's right sound files.  How you ask? Xenra I answer. A few months ago I blogged about Keepvid and it can also convert YouTube videos into MP3 files taht you can then carry on your walkman.  Xenra however, is Keepvid on HGH (Sorry, World Series on the mind).
Xenra goes beyond  Keepvid by allowing you to mix and match formats, change your bitrates and add ID3 v2 Tags to your files making it easy to keep organized.  Not only does it allow for pure MP3 download you can also convert YouTube videos to AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, 3GP, MPG, MPEG, WAV, WMA and WMV all with the click of a few buttons with Xenra and the file sizes in many formats are generally small leaving you plenty of extra room on your favorite portable device for more.
As always, please adhere to copyright when "borrowing" videos from YouTube and adhere to personal and fair use laws.  Use your tech powers for good! I'm obviously really tires! Goodnight!
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