Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's Going to Happen #edtech

By the start of the 2012-2013 school year, I plan to have published a book about building Professional Learning Networks in a hyper-connected world.  Incidentally, hyper-connected may just work it's way into the title thanks to @cchausis.  But none of that matters, if it doesn't get done.  Here's the thing.  I'm always thinking and having ideas that I know I should write down; but, I don't always have an easy way to do that.  I've tried writing in Office but I don't always have that file in front of me. I could carry it on a flash drive or use online storage, but that's an extra step.  Sure I could put it in the cloud in a Google Doc but trying to layout a book in Google Docs for me is just "klunky".

So, last night I discovered FastPencil and suddenly my writer's block vanished.  FastPencil allows an author to not only have a working space to write their book.  It also provides you with the services to publish and distribute in hard copy or e-pub.  Many FastPencil's services are free.  The high end services (such as professional copy editing) do have a fee associated with them.  Their is also a social network of  authors and illustrators at FastPencil.  You can connect with them and collaborate on work.  With FastPencil  you can choose if you want others to see your unfinished product or keep it secure until the final edit.  So, if your an aspiring author like myself, i may bump into you at FastPencil  one day soon!
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