Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm Just Mad About Sciffron #edtech

Yes, Sciffron.  And I think you will be too!  Sciffron is aclean online no frills writing tool where you can publish under a pen name.  Are your students not allowed to publish to the web using their real names, but you want them to get the experience of publishing to the internet?  Sciffron may just be for you! Here you can choose your own pseudonym or publish under your own name.  Anything you publish to Sciffron becomes instantly copyrighted (as is anything you write publicly on the web).  While others cannot add comments to your posts.  They can subscribe (via RSS) to them and translate them.  Making for excellent ESL assignments.  Sciffron is a simple Web 2.0 tool among all the flash and glamour of the web and somehow that's comforting!
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