Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Have a Story to Tell? #edtech

The final product in the Creaza Suite is Cartoonist which includes 8 different themes.  Each teme in Cartoonist has it's own set of characters, scenes and props to from which to choose.  You can also upload your own images.  All of the features you can add work based on a drag and drop interface allowing you to place and resize the objects on each canvas.  Add speech bubbles and text as well.  You can create multiple slides to lay out your story.  Cartoonist is great whether you are working on creating the next version of Dilbert or storyboarding a film or podcast!  Again you can only export your final product in the full version.  However, you can save your final work as well as print it out.  So, there is some value to the free tool.  I am hoping to review the full suite in the next few days, if Creaza is still willing to give me an upgrade to look around.
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