Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Feed Your Sensei #edtech

I am always on the lookout for quality aggregation tools and I believe I have found one in QSensei.  QSensei is an RSS reader with a twist. You build your real simple syndication the way you would with any RSS tool.  But instead of being a flat RSS feed, QSensei makes the process much more visual, shareable and (here's the best pat) searchable.    Once you have your nicely laid out grid from all your feeds you can sort by date, source, author, tags and more.  You can also click the similar button to get various articles on similar subject matter.  Email, Tweet or Facebook the subject matter so your friends and followers can read it too.  But as I mentioned, the best part of QSensei is the search feature.  The search box at the top will only search and then sort the articles in your feed.  Why is this important?  You choose those feeds because you trust them.  So, it;s a great place to conduct a reliable search to get your research started.  Phew, 13 minutes to get one more post in!
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