Friday, October 21, 2011

The Dreaded Triple Post #edtech

So glad it's Friday! What I'm not to thrilled about is that life has gotten so incredibly busy!  In order to catch up i need to write three posts this evening.  First, I want to share twylah and thank my Twitter friend @sharon007 who is consistently sharing amazing tools that I never have time to look at!  Twylah may just change that however!  This Twitter aggregation tool seems to serve two purposes.  First, Twylah seems to work a lot like in the sense that it collects the links that you share and organizes them by category for a reading audience to be able to keep up with all the finds you share during the day.  Second, it seems to act a a social bookmarking tool for your own reference.  I say seem because I am still waiting for my account seeing as Twylah is in private Beta.  Two things I'm hoping to find once I'm in?  A way to subscribe to others posts and a way to search other my own and others pages.  Normally, I don't post on an untested tool.  But if it comes from sharon007, I feel comfortable recommending it.
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