Tuesday, October 4, 2011

3 Posts in 30 Minutes #edtech

Yup, here comes a triple post.  Sunday got away from me. Last night was the final scramble and banquet for my golf league. So here I am two days behind with a half hour to catch up.

Earlier today an email thread was going around my place of employ for a Google + Huddle like tool.  I threw into the mix the yet untested (at least by me) Spreecast.com and also one of my personal favorites over the years Stickam.com

One that didn't make the list was a hybrid of an interactive whiteboard and Skype called LiveMinutes.  It's interesting because you can have a number of live participants actively sharing online whiteboard space or annotating a document or map and soon sharing videos. While only two participants can share their webcams on LiveMinutes at a time, the host can call anyone to the second video window.  If you want better quality audio and video you can apparently integrate Skype (haven't had enough time to play with this one yet).  As the name suggests, LiveMinutes also takes snapshots of your session and creates minutes of your meeting on the fly.  Definitely one to check out.  OK, 2 more posts in 20 minutes!
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