Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What's in a Name.. #edtech

...when it's yours an awful lot, right? As you know, I am addicted to Web 2.0 and am constantly signing up for new and exciting tools.  What you may not know? I always use the same username.  This makes it easy for others to find me and also assists me in building a web presence.  Both are important to my online persona.  But what if you have a common last name (or even one that is less than unusual)?  You are bound to find someone has the same first initial and has already signed up for an account with it!  That's why I have appended numbers to my typical user credentials.  If I encounter someone with that username, I know they are trying to impersonate me.
So how can you be sure you've come up with a unique username to use across the web?  There's an excellent tool out there called Namechk. Simply type in your username and Namechk goes out and checks it's availability at over 150 different web 2.0 and social media sites.  If your name happens to be Mark Smith, I have bad news all but 10 sites have msmith accounts.  An added bonus of Namechk is that it exposes you to tools you may not have known about (some of which may be covered on this blog in the future).
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