Friday, September 2, 2011

Time's Up #edtech

It really is.  I'm headed out with some golfing friends tonight to go see "Seven Days in Utopia" a kind of Karate Kid meets The Greatest Game Ever Played type of movie.  Been looking forward to this for a while.  Nothing like a ten o'clock golf movie with a early morning tee time the next day.  But, I digress.

The Fun Friday post tonight is maybe not so fun for those elementary students just learning the joys of math. Math was never my strong suit (as one would note if they watched me add up a scorecard this month - scores have been pretty painful of late).  But those dreaded timed tests that many elementary students face can become a breeze if you let your students explore Mathisfun's Math Trainer.  Essentially, the Math Trainer is a customized timed gauntlet of math questions focusing on the basics of addition, subtraction and multiplication (sorry folks, no division questions yet!)  It's a little tricky to find on the Mathisfun website so make sure you follow this link to the  Math Trainer.  It breaks your questions into tables and highlights areas you are having difficulty with during the session.  The Math Trainer is not intuitive for an old geek like me.  At first, I didn't do to well as I experimented because I didn't realize there was no need to hit enter after each equation.  But once your students get the hang of it I'm sure they'll be racing through the 12x tables in no time.  There is a ton of resources to explore on Mathisfun, including traditional worksheets, measuring exercises, puzzles, data sets and more.  Not the way I'd necessarily want to spend a Friday evening - but the math genius in your class might just have a ball!
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