Monday, September 5, 2011

Take a Picture It Will Last Longer #edtech

Labor Day weekend has been a blur and I know I still owe a double post, but tonight will have to be a "quick hit".  Pixtick is a simple but powerful screen capture / annotation tool.  Pixtick allows you to take a Screenshot (or upload an image from your computer or a URL).  Once you have the screenshot in your workspace you can highlight certain areas with shapes and text.  Let's say you're having a software issue and you need to send a screenshot to your tech team.  They can analyze what is happening and possibly even highlight areas of the screen and add text using Pixtick to let you know if there is anything you can do to expedite repair.  Or maybe your working collaboratively with someone and need them to mark up your preliminary design?  I can see Pixtick being a helpful tool in that capacity as well.
What makes Pixtick so powerful though is that once you have your finished product you can upload and share it on the web asa image or embed it into your blog or wiki by using the simple code they provide.
*Pixtick does have a tool you can use to actually capture a screenshot but Java was acting wonky for me tonight and I wasn't able to get it working
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