Sunday, September 4, 2011

Study With Cards #edtech

It seems the weeks are getting longer but days are getting shorter.  I;m going to owe another doublepost this week, but tonight will not be that night.  I want to quickly tell you about a great online study aid.  Remember back when you would use index cards to create flashcards? EasyNotecards helps you do that online!  Simply put: You create your own notecard sets, front and back using text and images. EasyNotecards allows you to associate your notecards with any book. This makes it easy for others to find and utilize.  Of course, if you want to keep your flashcards all to yourself you can by adding a password or simply protecting it entirely.  Once you create a set using EasyNotecards, you can randomize them and take them as a quiz. There is also code to embed the cards on a class wiki, blog or site.  Finally, if you think having hands on access to the cards is important, there is a feature that allows you to print them out and have something a bit more tangile.  Overall, EasyNotecards is a very nice study tool.
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