Friday, September 2, 2011

Interview with a Geek? #edtech

Yes, I missed last night's post. Am I getting lazy? Not really. Am I just too busy? Heck yes! Beginning of the school year and the onset of conference season is going to make the last four months of this 365 project a real challenge. I have tried (with the exception of Fun Friday) not to put a theme on my posts. Simply because I like to keep my audience guessing as to what's coming next. However, to stay a bit more organized is implementing "Think About It Thusday" Thursdays will be kind of like new music Tuesday from my disc jockey days (yes, my voice used to "grace" the airways) and will feature a web tool that is new to me but that I think has far reaching implications. Friday's I will continue to try and focus on applications for elementary students that are not only fun but educational. Also, I am always open to guest blog posts! If you have a site you think needs to be reviewed here and you have the chops to do it - shoot me an email and we'll work it out.

All that being said, let's talk a bit about interviews. They are a great way for students to practice communication and organization skills right? There are some great text based sites out there which will help you conduct interviews. Many of you are also using Skype for this purpose. But what about a site that does pure audio? I'm must confess I have a bit of trepidation about suggesting theinterviewr as an option since I have yet had a chance to test it.  However, I think it has potential, so I'll let you be the judge.  Basically, theinterviewr let's you schedule an interview and requires the phone number of the interviewer and interviewee during the process. When the scheduled time for the interview comes about, it appears that you log into theinterviewr and the utility then calls the interviewee using twilio.  You conduct your interview and theinterviewr records and stores the conversation for up to six months.  They are currently working on ways to share these interviews to your favorite sites and a transcription service.  It sounds like a great way to reach out and interview those who have yet to jump on Skype or some of the other services out there.

My concerns is two-fold and I invite theinterviewr developers to comment on this post for answers.  First, how secure are the phone numbers that are used during the interview process.  Are they sold to 3rd party telemarketers?  Second, are their privacy settings for these interviews.  Obviously, you would not want to conduct DOD level interviews using theinterviewr but at the same time you may want to preserve some anonymity depending on the participants and subject matter.

So, there you have it.  I'm on the fence (and a day late) with the first "Think About It Thusday", but felt theinterviewr was important enough to share.  What are your thought?!
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