Monday, September 26, 2011

Do You Hear What I Hear? #edtech

With Chirbit you can easily share all kinds of audio.  Whether you record audio right on Chirbit with a microphone or webcam or upload mp3, aiff, amr, 3ga, m4a or wav files you can easily share audio with Chirbit, You can also use your favorite smart phone to send audio to Chirbit.  When you record a file directly to the website you are limited to 5 minutes of recording.  If you upload the file, there is 120 Mb limit (which at 128 kbps equates to about 2 hours)!  You can also translate text to audio or change your favorite Youtube video directly to audio uising Chirbit.  I can see Chirbit being used for ESL, Podcasting, peer review and many many other applications!  Chirbit is audio made simple.  You can also download your audio as MP3, grab the embed code to put it on your site or share it on your favorite social network.
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