Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Dictionary Gets a Social Makeover #edtech

When you first visit Wordnik, you may think "This is a dictionary"?  There are words falling down the page that are color coded by how they have been recently influenced (e.g, added to a list, gained a new pronunciation, has a new comment, etc). But it's when you actually search for a word that you start to see the power of Wordnik.  Sure you get to read the definition; but, you can also see related words in the form of synonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms, contextual words, reverse dictionary and user generated tags.  The examples of word usage actually come from sites on the internet that are hyperlinked so you can view them in context.  With Wordnik you can create your own wordlists, leave comments and even favorite and tag.  Additionally, you can see pictures and hear pronunciations of the word.  You can also share the word on multiple social networks.  Wordnik is more a multimedia encyclopedia than your standard dictionary.
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